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I have never been so impressed by the professionalism and feature rich content that I have found using this dating software package.

San Francisco, California
In the business environment where competitiveness defines the existence of a business, you must have a unique model and set of attributes to survive and succeed. For your unique business it is important that you have an exclusive web-presence for it. Do you ever feel like having the same logo as the next door company? Absolutely not. Because it is your identity. Similarly your website is your identity. Designing and selling website is not same as selling shirts and trousers. It needs to be unique, it needs to be personalized, and it needs to be made useful and adaptable to your business. Otherwise it is a waste.

We believe in personalized service. When you buy a template from us, our designer gets in touch with you and customizes the chosen template as per your requirement. You get the modified and customized template as the end product. This also puts you in touch with our designer, so that whenever you need any help, you can get him immediately.

It saves you money and time. When you choose and buy a template, the biggest advantage you get is that you get it instantly and you have somewhat LIKED the design. Therefore it already comes with a level of satisfaction. Our "customized and personalized" bit ensures that the SOMEWHAT positive feeling for the design is settled to a complete satisfaction and gives you a unique presence.

We can even do flash. However to provide the basic business design we prefer to deliver a static version of site. You can order a Flash header design or a flash intro separately. It will be designed as per your requirement. We do not believe that a readymade flash intro or header will do any good to your business.

Reason 1 - To match well with an existing or parent site…
Reason 2 - To reach a specific Niche… (Swingers, Nudists, Seniors, or Interest Groups.)
Reason 3 - To simply have a one-of-a-kind or unique site and style.
Make sure you have a prominent "Purchase Custom Template" button.
Meet "SSSH.COM" - www.sssh.com is a women oriented, classy adult site that had wanted a dating portal. They opted for the custom template option in order to align the site with their existing and popular main site. This will give you an idea of what level of customization is possible and included within this $300 package…

Original Site - www.sssh.com

Finished Dating Portal - http://date.sssh.com

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