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I have never been so impressed by the professionalism and feature rich content that I have found using this dating software package.

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Love, a Billion Dollar Industry with Dating Software
Online love, romance, friendship, and intimate relationships are a huge market with untapped true potential, if approached correctly. Focusing on the end user in an overly saturated market is where many fall short. There are thousands of online dating portals, yet very few target a specific demographic in a cost effective manner. Match, Friend Finder Networks, Lava life and others have spent millions in their infrastructure alone, and have not yet achieved a high conversion rate or customer loyalty, given that most people who use online dating are members of an average of 3 or more sites.

This is where (URL)'s Online Dating Software creates the next generation of dating portals. (URL)'s Turnkey Dating Software builds your site in minutes, which allow us too quickly to incorporate the newest technologies into our dating software that will enhance member retention and conversation to paid members, not just onlookers. Moreover, (URL) is creating the next generation of dating software that will spill over into the real word and create true value for the end users, while being profitable for the application provider. For example www.leadwurx.com, fully integrates with (URL)'s Online Dating Software creates a NEW PAYMENT METHOD using the users data as currency!

Lastly, using (URL)'s Online Dating Software dating model withstands the onslaught of other dating players coming into their space, and potentially saturating this unique marketplace.

Think of today's Market without (URL)'s Online Dating Software

Matchmaking has become big business, estimated to be worth $917 million this year, growing nearly 50% to $1.5 billion in 2005 (Market Data/MSNBC). Cash in with (URL)'s Online Dating Software

Approximately 5 million people in the US purchased subscriptions from online dating services in 2003. Cash in with (URL)'s Online Dating Software, Dating Script. Cash in with (URL)'s Online Dating Software

In 2003, online dating sites generated $428 MM million in revenue, up from approximately $72 MM in revenue in 2001. Cash in with (URL)'s Online Dating Software

In 2003, the telephone-dating market, from the top 4 providers grossed excess of $260MM. Cash in with (URL)'s Online Dating Software, Dating Script

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